To those who need it:

Being social, extroverted, outgoing, and always going out of the house with friends can be tiring and nerve-wracking. As a teenager, I remember being incredibly shy, timid, and introverted. I always felt like other people were “better” at making friends than I was, and that made me sad. However, as I started my first few years of college, I learned something that has stuck with me to this day that I would like to share with everyone. It is OK to be shy, it is OK to be introverted, it is OK to be timid. It is also okay to prefer to stay inside with friends instead of going out, it is also okay to have a small friend group. My advice? Be 150% yourself. You do not have to be extroverted all the time, you do not have to go out somewhere you are not comfortable going, you do not have to follow everyone else to make friends. Do what makes you happy, be passionate about what you are passionate about! Make friends with whoever you feel comfortable with, and whatever speed you feel comfortable with. Being quiet is NOT a negative trait, it is YOUR trait. Embrace who you are and be genuine in what you do. So, go ahead and invite friends over for Netflix. Invite them to play Dungeons and Dragons, invite them over to just chill and vibe. Be 150% YOU!

  • Graham – SYC Intern
Graham Johnson

Graham Johnson

SYC Intern