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Summer at SYC

Summer has always been my favorite season, but spending my summer working at the Sac Youth Center is in a way special, all on its own. The beginning of Summer officially marks my 1 year anniversary of being a staff member here at the Sacramento Youth Center. It is my personal belief that the center shines brighter during the summer season. The music is louder, the days last longer, the atmosphere is filled with that sense of freedom and excitement that comes along with the school break. The reason I love the center so much during the summer season is because it’s the perfect summer getaway. It’s the umbrella on a hot sandy beach, the ice cream truck in the middle of July, the perfect shady spot under a tree when you’re out in the park. Surrounded by friends, the laughter is contagious, the movies are always accompanied by popcorn, and you never feel alone. Summer will always come to an end as the seasons move along, and eventually everybody gets tired of the smell of sunscreen and the sun beating down on the sidewalk. But what’s nice about the Sac Youth Center is that feeling of freedom and excitement never really leaves even as the summer season goes on. Through Fall, Winter, and Spring the feelings and friends stay the same, and I am always reminded how awesome it is to work here.