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It Starts With You

When I think of Peer Mentoring, I think of the countless benefits it provides for not only youth, but many involved in a community. The Sacramento Youth Center really warms my heart because for a while I never knew my place in my community. When I joined the Sacramento Youth Center’s Peer Mentoring program, I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into being that I’ve never really been educated in peer mentoring or mentoring in general. When I started the program, I had the privilege to work and build among many different people, from different ethnicities, races, and religious backgrounds. This opportunity gave me a broader outlook on what it is truly like in my neighborhood and how much potential there was around me.

Meet the Staff

For this newsletter we thought we would introduce you to our amazing team. We have been blessed with some of the most amazing young people that are working with us. Below is just a bit about each of them.

Cross Cultural Teenager

For most of my adult life I have worked with teenagers and young adults. Almost 9 of those years I have been working with refugees. Both overseas and here in Sacramento. A question I get asked a lot is “How can you relate to refugee and immigrant youth?”. The answer to this question is surprising to a lot, not because of the complexity but because of the simplicity.

Historical Scars

In 1989 the Berlin wall fell and the reunification of East and West Germany began. However, 31 years later you can still see a scar across the city, in fact it is so noticeable you can see it from space. When looking at Berlin from space at night you can see the clear divide between East and West Berlin.

Why? Because the color of the streetlights. On the east side, the streetlights have a yellow tint, on the west they are whiter.