Advice To Teens

Dear Teenager,

As a young adult aspiring to blossom in this non-stop world; it’s easy for life to take a toll and slow you down. But there are many aspects that need to be considered before letting the small things take a mental hold over you. First, slow down! Take it all in. It’s easy to get frustrated when you’re letting the good things pass you by.Hi I am Mya Gutierrez, and I am a member of the Sacramento Youth Group. I am currently a first year college student at Sacramento State University, and let me tell you it’s not easy…

How Adults Can Support Youth

When it comes to raising children, a lot of adults overlook how important support can be. Sometimes, all youth need is support during hard times. Or even when they’re trying something new. The best part about support is that you can do it, in many different ways.
Today’s youth have been proven to be natural leaders, motivational speakers, protest organizers, allies for one another, supporters, and teamworkers. Here are some ways you can support your youth…

Advice To Your Past Self

If I could give advice to my past self it’d be to stop caring what others think about you. No one knows what you’ve gone through but you, not even your parents. So why would anyone else have the right to judge you but yourself? What do these people know about you? Getting wrapped up in others’ image of you hinders yourself from growing. The only person’s image you should worry about is yours. Do you have a bad self-image? Why?

Obstacles Youth Face

Dear teenager,

Let’s talk about Obstacles. As youth we are easily perceptible to face more adversity and endure more obstacles than the average person. I know in today’s day and age it’s easy to face obstacles in regards to body image, social anxiety, and social media influence. We live in a society that’s heavily influenced by social media and we allow it to dictate many large parts of our lives…

Helping You Get A Job

Are you a teenager and looking for a job?
Many times teenagers get discouraged in the process of looking and applying for jobs. There are many factors involved such as; no resume, no experience or not having the proper clothes for an interview. But wait! The “Resume Builder” can help with those bumps in the road.

Summer at SYC

Summer has always been my favorite season, but spending my summer working at the Sac Youth Center is in a way special, all on its own.

It Starts With You

When I think of Peer Mentoring, I think of the countless benefits it provides for not only youth, but many involved in a community. The Sacramento Youth Center really warms my heart because for a while I never knew my place in my community.

Sacramento Youth Center Online

Meet the Staff

For this newsletter we thought we would introduce you to our amazing team. We have been blessed with some of the most amazing young people that are working with us. Below is just a bit about each of them.

Refugee Youth Camping

Cross Cultural Teenager

For most of my adult life I have worked with teenagers and young adults. Almost 9 of those years I have been working with refugees. Both overseas and here in Sacramento. A question I get asked a lot is “How can you relate to refugee and immigrant youth?”. The answer to this question is surprising to a lot, not because of the complexity but because of the simplicity.

What It Takes To Get The Job

So my first job was with the city Davis in the parks and rec department. I had volunteered with them for two years prior to going in for the actual position. I remember it was my sophomore year in high school around January and I was talking to the camp coordinator for all main city camps when the hiring interviews for camp counselor position would start.